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Welcome to Alluraverse!


Welcome to the world of Allura, a place of magic and mystery.

Right now you are in the dangerous Shadowlands, where the land is bathed in eternal night and strange beasts run about.
Alluraverse is a story about two main characters, a young boy turned into a werefox has to move to another land in order to be safe from the human's current phobia of animalisitc beings (aka non-humans). The fox soon finds out that living in this strange country of giant bears may not be cut out for him. The second part of the story is about a teenage elf who hates magic and power, but has lots of it, and is forced to take a journey to discover more, and soon realizes that his gift is needed to help the realm.


The Butler, Chello by Azleah44 Ambriel Ref Sheet by Azleah44 Lustrous Ref by Azleah44 Rin Headshot by Azleah44 James the Maneki Neko by Azleah44 Azleah's Contacts 01 by Azleah44 Kogenkyo Headshot by Azleah44 Lucas Smith Reference Sheet by Azleah44 Nara Reference Sheet by Azleah44 The Rein of the Gray Nimbus by Azleah44 SPOILER CHARACTER! Night by Azleah44 Azleah Reference Sheet by Azleah44 Bahamut Reference by Azleah44 Fenrir Reference Sheet by Azleah44
Sakaki of the Black Flame by Azleah44 Jason the Scholar by Azleah44 Amelia Reference Sheet by Azleah44 Richard Referecnce Sheet by Azleah44 Caroline Finche Reference Sheet by Azleah44 Kogenkyo Reference Sheet by Azleah44
Sanchii Reference Sheet by Azleah44 Oracle Reference Sheet by Azleah44 Mai Final by Azleah44 Rin Concept (Reference Update) by Azleah44

<div align='center"> Feel free to look about this realm! Here are some places to get started in Allura:

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As any great project, this is not a cheap one. It would be greatly appreacited if anyone and every one would please make a donation of 100 - 400 :points: If every one one of my watchers did this, the comic would be able to pay for itself ten fold. So please Donate! Every little bit counts!

Alluraverse Species Reference


  • Advanced Humane Species
    • Humans
      • Avalonian Humans Avalonian Humans 01 by Azleah44
      • Cretan Humans
      • Armeian Humans
      • Nironian Humans
      • Malmoan Humans
    • Elves
      • Archeon Elf
      • Dimitirean Elf Common Elf Concept by Azleah44
      • Arcanian Elf
    • Dwarf
  • Lesser Humane Species
    • Orc
    • Troll
    • Faery
      • Dark Faery
      • Fire Faery
      • Water Faery
      • Wind Faery
      • Thunder Faery
      • Earth Faery
      • Light Faery
      • Sound Faery
      • Time Faery
    • Gnome
    • Valkyrie
  • Humane Animalisitic Species
    • Felinus Felinus Reference by Azleah44
    • Bobbity
    • Panthera
    • Lycan
    • Alpha Lycan
    • Rattaa
    • Minyas Minyas Reference Sheet by Azleah44
    • Anuubii
    • Hursiss
    • Naga
    • Seitsune
    • Werefox Werefox Species Reference Sheet by Azleah44
    • Fujotsune
    • Bonjotsune
    • Hogotsune
  • Feral Animalisitc Species
    • Sonar
    • Orrel
    • Deneer
    • Hakatsune
    • Yabatsune
    • Junketsune
  • Sentient Monster Species
    • Kitsune Youkai Kitsune Youkai Reference Sheet by Azleah44
    • Inari
    • Gorgon
    • Alpha Chimera
    • Naegris
    • Maneki Neko
  • Non-sentient Monster Species
    • Griffin Griffon Reference by Azleah44
    • Wondervogel Wandervogel Reference by Azleah44
    • Chimera Chimera's Reference by Azleah44
    • Kelpie
    • Wyvern
    • Hurrsden Hurrsden Reference by Azleah44
    • Natiq Nautiq Reference by Azleah44
    • Manticore Manticore Refernece by Azleah44
    • Anuu Anuu by Azleah44


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